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Contrasts: transformation and stylisation

Shows 2018 by Annemarie Ambrosoli:

Wopart Lugano (Switzerland)  - Stand E4Centro Esposizioni (Exhibition Centre) - Lugano (Switzerland)September 20-21-22-23 / 2018

Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong - Room 4217

Conrad Hotel - Hng KongSeptember/October 28-29-30-1 / 2018

"Padiglione Europa" exhibition curated by Gianni Dunil with the artistic direction of Nevia Capello - Organization: START with the precious support of the Rome Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament. Die Jury has chosen for this exhibition her work:"Love...".

Comunicato ufficiale Padiglione Europa-1

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Palazzo Albrizzi Capello, 4118 - Cannaregio - Venice (Italy) from 6th to 26th November 2018

Annemarie Ambrosoli

Annemarie Ambrosoli was born in Cadipietra in the Aurina valley (BZ). Her artistic journey has been marked by the masters of impressionism, post-impressionism and by Fauves. Her stays in Lombardy, Alto Adige and Austria have been of great importance. She was as lucky as to be followed, in her juvenile years, by a family personality, her uncle M° Ercole Frigoli...